How It Works

For starters, what's a refillery?

A refillery is a retail store designed to help you reduce your single-use plastic consumption. We provide household and personal care products and goods in reusable containers and low-waste packaging. We even offer the option to reuse and refill your own containers!

It's super simple to order from The Wild Indigo Refillery! Buying by the ounce? Just make sure you've got a clean container for us to fill upon delivery.

Check our delivery page for order minimums and delivery fees.

Step One: Make sure you're in our delivery area.

We operate locally, so we don't ship any of our products. Check out our delivery area here and make sure you're in the zone! If you're not in our zone and live very close to one of our serviceable zip codes, send us an email and we'll see what we can do.

Step Two: Pick your products.

Pick out the product you want refilled by the ounce and add it to your cart. We also offer bottles to help you get started, as well as individual items such as soap and laundry detergent pods.
Step Three: Give us the deets for your delivery.

If you're providing your own containers or buying bottles, which of our products goes where? Where on your property are we dropping off our products? Is there a dog I can pet? Gate codes? Leave it in the special instructions when you place your order!

Step Four: Get your order!

By the Friday prior to delivery, you will receive a confirmation of your delivery. If you are using your own containers, we will fill them upon arrival. If there is no mention in the special instructions for your order, then we will contact you beforehand to figure out how you would like your products.