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Holy City Straw Company

Reusable Reed Straws

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Reed is known as the cousin to bamboo with similar strength and durability. 

These reed straws are 100% hand cut and require no manufacturing.   They are made without any harmful pesticides or chemicals. The entire process is safe, non-toxic and completely organic.  They are a 100% plastic free, certified 100% USDA bio-based, home compostable and will never get soggy! They are dishwasher friendly for reuse.

When they have seen better days, simply dispose of them in your home compost. Don't have one, no problem, these will 100% biodegrade in any environment. No more harsh metal, breakable glass or unpleasant silicon straws ruining the drinking experience.....and no more downstream waste! 

Reusable Reed straws can be used over and over. While they do not last forever which is by natures design, these straws will last many months extending the life of the straw while maximizing the eco-benefits far beyond the life of a single use straw.

Care Instructions

Cleaning and Drying - We encourage you to rinse under hot tap water before thoroughly drying. Feel free to place the straw in the dishwasher to ensure a proper clean (top rack only). Straws dry quickly, but make sure you give them proper ventilation to extend the life of the straw. 


Straw Length / Diameter-7.75 inches / 7-9mm