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The Joyful Southern Mama

Swedish Dishcloth (Sponge Dishcloth)

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Swedish dishcloths are 70% wood pulp and 30% cotton, both ingredients that can be found in paper towels. However, Swedish dishcloths are far more effective and can replace at least 15 rolls of paper towels.

They absorb much more water and can easily be wrung out and cleaned over and over!


Designed with love in Knoxville, Tennessee by The Joyful Southern Mama


Are Swedish Dishcloths Compostable?
Swedish dishcloths are compostable and 100% biodegradable. They'll take between 6 and 8 weeks to break down once discarded.

How Long Do Swedish Dishcloths Last?
Swedish dishcloths typically last for 6-9 months. A Swedish dishcloth's lifespan really depends on how often it's used and its quality of construction — some dishcloths can survive up to 200 uses and washes.

Care Instructions

How to Clean Swedish Dishcloths:
Swedish dishcloths don't require any special cleaning techniques — in fact, you can just wash them with your next load of laundry or dirty dishes. You can also boil or microwave them for a short time, or hand-wash them using a bleach solution.

To dry your Swedish dishcloths, simply hang them or lay them flat on a surface such as a countertop or dish rack. Don't put a Swedish dishcloth in the dryer because it will shrink substantially.


7 x 8 inches